Wishlist: Using Smart Phones for your Smart TV

I’m new to the realm of HDTV. Yes, I know it has been around for many years now. The fact that my new flat screen TV is waiting for me at home, ready to be unboxed, has made this a little more difficult to write, but I will press on.

A friend received “free” calibration of his TV when he purchased it. Curious to see what that entailed, I look up the tool used to calibrate the TV. Granted, I’m no expert in technology and I’ve dumbed things down to my comfort zone, but it looks like a camera, connected to a computer that the technician runs. The gizmo then spits out the settings for your TV to receive the best colour possible from your new set.

With the way things are going now, can someone please develop an app that will calibrate your TV using your smart phone? Wouldn’t that be easier for the consumer?

I await the day that this app shows up on the iTunes store (and the letter in the mail comes confirming my royalties are forthcoming). Then all I’ll need to do is buy a smart phone.

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