End the insanity… Woman sues Apple for $1 Million

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This insanity has to end. A woman in New York is suing Apple for $1 million dollars after breaking her nose walking into one of the New York store’s glass doors.

DigitalJournal.com (full article) – A New York woman has initiated a lawsuit against Apple for $1,000,000 after she broke her nose walking into one of the store’s signature glass doors.

In Dec. 2011 Evelyn Paswall, 83, went to return an iPhone to Apple’s Manhasset, Long Island store and experienced a broken nose as a result of an accident.

The woman did not see the glass door and walked right into it, hitting her nose hard enough to break it. After this accident, Paswall decided to sue Apple for the $1 million, $75,000 of which is for medical expenses, reported CNET.

The New York Post, interviewed Paswall’s attorney, who noted the negligence.

“Apple wants to be cool and modern and have the type of architecture that would appeal to the tech crowd, but on the other hand,” said attorney Derek T. Smith, “But they have to appreciate the danger that this high-tech modern architecture poses to some people.”

I love Apple. I use their products all day. This is not about Apple. Sure they revolutionize products, but I have never seen a press release saying “hey, we made invisible glass for our front doors…”  This is about the stupidity of the legal system that you can even file this kind of suit. $1 million dollars for a broken nose? With $75,000 of that $1 million for medical expenses, what is the other $925,000 for? Sure, I am human, and I feel bad for a senior who has a broken nose. But this is just one of thousands of law suits that makes you cringe because it is an accident, plain and simple… but it’s not Apple’s fault.

Whether it’s spilling hot coffee on yourself, or any of the ridiculous law suits you hear about, people need to take responsibility for their actions. Sure, if an Apple employee wasn’t looking and opened the door and hit her, I can see there being a case, but where do these absurd calculations come from that determine a value for a law suit? $1 million dollars? Really?

“Apple wants to be cool and modern and have the type of architecture that would appeal to the tech crowd”…

Huh? Apple did not invent glass… I think they would probably like to claim that they did, but it’s been around for some time now… and guess what… it’s a pretty common material, and I am pretty sure with some degree of certainty, that glass appeals to more than ‘the tech crowd’.

A few years ago, my wife was rear-ended by a bus. Yes, a full-sized transit bus slammed into the back of our truck going downhill. A week earlier we bought the truck, luckily, as we had a small car previously. Had she been rear-ended by the bus in the small car, she would have been easily pushed into a major intersection and seriously injured.

My first thought was her well-being. We had damage to our brand-new truck, and my wife had dental and medical issues after the accident. We were told there was a cap on this type of accident, something stupid like a couple of thousand dollars, and at the end of the day we basically got a few dental visits covered, and our truck repaired.

A bus? Yes, a real honest to goodness bus rear-ended our truck, and we got the damage repaired, and a few dental appointments… but a woman runs herself into a door and can sue for a MILLION DOLLARS???

Accidents happen in life. They are never planned, and that is exactly why we have the term “accident” to refer to such situations that are an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally.

One of the best responses to the Digital Journal story is in the comments from Steve K.:

Another frivolous lawsuit in an age when few are willing to be accountable for their own actions [carelessness / foolishness] and prefer to blame others for their own failings.

An intelligent person realizes commercial establishments do have doors & windows, else their merchandise would quickly vanish off the shelves in the hands of thieves, if it was an open-house sort of arrangement.

Whether you are 3 or 83, no one wants you to have an accident, but if it’s no one’s fault but your own, just accept it… Sure, if a shelf falls on you, or an employee causes you injury, or something that is not your fault, you should be compensated for medical and other losses or pain and suffering caused by that situation. Just as someone can sue for an absurd amount like this, there has to be protection for the people or companies on the other end.

Will this insanity ever end…?

Read the full article at Digital Journal
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  1. 27th March 2012 | Brad says: Reply
    Yup, blaming others for their failing.
  2. 27th March 2012 | Jon says: Reply
    In the case of the spilt coffee the woman was justified. The coffee was overheated in the microwave. The cup it was in, collapsed in her hands and the Superheated coffee went right through to the bone.
  3. 27th March 2012 | Peter says: Reply
    When something bad happens it must be someone's fault. This is a variation of the swimming pool/construction site type laws--an "attractive nuisance." The store is pretty and people are going to want to check out the wares inside without realizing the dangers that accompany it, such as freshly shined glass doors. Obviously Apple was negligent in designing such an attractive store and not ensuring that people wouldn't run into the glass. Furthermore, we cannot blame the victim. After all, the victim is the one who was injured. Haven't they suffered enough? Don't they deserve some compensation? Okay, I'm done being facetious. But you can see the argument.
  4. 27th March 2012 | Melangell says: Reply
    Hopefully Apple will beat this woman so badly in court that she will be living out of a trash can. Live in South Florida for a few years and you will understand my disdain for elderly New Yorkers.

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